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China is suffering from pain after app ban, plead with India

tiktok ban
tiktok ban

On Monday (29 June 2020), the Modi government of the Center, taking a big decision, banned 59 Chinese apps including tick-talk. It mainly includes 59 Chinese apps including Tick-Talk, Hello, UC Browser, We Chat. The government took this decision at a time when LAC is under fire with China.

After the ban of Chinese app in India, China is suffering pain, during the recent diplomatic level talks between India and China, China expressed its objection. In response to which India made it clear that this action has been taken because of security reasons. India does not want the data associated with its citizens to be tampered with.

Let us know that the Modi government at the center has not only banned the Chinese app but has also caused huge economic injury, it has been accepted by China itself, the Chinese government newspaper Global Times has claimed that only tick-talk ban is done There will be a loss of 6 billion dollars.

Now think by yourself, China will suffer a loss of 6 billion dollars by just having a tick-talk ban. The remaining 58 app is a whole suffered many deadly hurt China. One thing has become clear that due to large scale boycott of Chinese goods, China can be subjected to great economic loss and will also save the lives of the brave soldiers of our country.

Chinese Foreign Minister’s spokesman Zhao Lijian had reacted to the ban on Chinese apps in India, saying, “China is deeply concerned and is reviewing the situation.”

Leaving non-veg for a few days will protect 80% against coronavirus, read why


If experts believe that the corona virus was spread from China’s seafood market or fish market, some people also say that China produced the corona virus in its lab in Wuhan to eliminate enemy countries. But this virus somehow leaked from Wuhan’s lab and spread badly in China. Experts also say that this virus has caused so much havoc in China because the people there eat more non-veg i.e. meat, fish and many people eat only raw animals.

The corona virus has now arrived in India too, but people here do not eat raw meat, so there is not much danger of corona here, but people buy raw meat from meat market and bring it home and some people eat the meat without cooking it completely. Therefore, non-veg eaters are more at risk here.

Meat market also contains excessive deodorant, raw and leftover meat, chopped meat is thrown here and there, so meat market can become home to the corona virus, so selling meat in Lucknow, UP has been banned.

This is to say that the corona virus is spreading with 80% non-veg food and 20% is spreading by joining hands and other means, so if you quit eating non-veg for a few days, then you can save 80% from corona With this, if you do hello by joining both hands instead of shaking hands with people, then you can be 100 percent safe.

Relations between Corona and Non Veg

The corona spreads from humans to humans only by joining hands or touching each other’s body, it spreads more than animals, first it makes an animal host, if a human will eat that animal then this virus spread in human body Goes and then spreads from one person to another by joining hands or making physical contact. Doctors say that meat should be cooked well before eating so that the virus dies. This precaution can be adopted but it would be a good choice to omit the meat.

IPL 2020 will be held outside India, these two countries are strong contenders


New Delhi, The country has been wreaking havoc in the world for several months due to the global epidemic Corona virus, IPL has also been affected due to Corona’s havoc, but when cricket started in many countries, BCCI also got a boost. Is and is ready to organize the IPL, a relief news for cricket lovers.

The BCCI official said that the official decision of the ICC is being made for the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October-November. A final decision will be taken regarding the conduct of the IPL. He said that the 13th edition of the IPL could be held in the United Arab Emirates (UACE) and Sri Lanka.

Talking to news agency IANS, a BCCI official said that the idea was to bring the IPL to India but the situation that has arisen due to Kovid-19 may force the board to take the league to UAE or Sri Lanka. .

The BCCI itself has admitted that in the event of not having an IPL this year, it could lose up to Rs 4000 crore. Therefore, BCCI is taking all possible steps to organize the IPL. Even if it is in another country.

These 7 Food Will Make You Powerful In The Bedroom: Read


Every man wants to appear powerful in bed so that he can have happiness in his married life but to become powerful, he should also eat powerful food, some people want to become powerful but they do not pay attention to their diet. For such people, we are going to name 7 such food items that you can increase your sex power by including them in your food and eating habits.

1. Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate increases the levels of hormones like serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which makes us happy and makes the mumps, the ejaculation time increases due to the formation of mumps. Chocolate also contains phenyl-ethylamine then prompts us to get lost in bed. For your information, let us know that having stress and having sex without mumps reduces the time of Ejaculation and such people soon pile up in bed. If you also want to increase your power, then eat dark chocolate twice a week.

2. Nuts

Nuts are considered as energy boosters, eating nuts daily increases stamina and reduces weakness, increasing stamina also reads sex power, include almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts in your diet and see the effect yourself.

3. Garlic and Oninon

Garlic and onion are the stores of sex power, so people living a life of illusion avoid garlic and onion because eating garlic onion increases sex hormones and people start looking for partners, but yogis need to There is no need to stop eating garlic onion, but if you are in your married life, then eat garlic-onion.

4.Broccoli and Coriander

Few people will know that green coriander and green broccoli are amazing vegetables, which reduces estrogen and increases the sex hormones testosterone. For your information, let us know that coriander contains Androsteron which is odorless hormones and comes out from the sweat of men. This hormones soon brings men into the mound.


Fish has amazing sex power, fish contains vitamin B which increases stamina, vitamin B3 is in charge of anaerobic metabolism which increases sexual energy and blood flow towards sexual organs. The result of this is that the enjoyment increases in sex and also time.

6.Oats or Oatmeal

Oats or oat porridge is a Ramawan thing for sex power, some people tell porridge to be the food of patients, but when such people know the benefits of porridge, then they will start eating porridge daily. Oats increase the level of the sex hormones Testosterone in our body, by adding oatmeal in your diet for only 8 weeks or two months continuously, the sex power will automatically increase.

7.Whey protein ie Matha, Buttermilk, Lassi

Matha, buttermilk, lassi contain such a protein that not only makes our body beautiful, but also makes us strong on the bed. This protein increases the level of Testosterone in the body, which makes us super power even in bed.

Vikas Dubey’s encounter case reached Supreme Court, PIL filed


Vikas Dubey, the killer of eight policemen, was attacked by UP STF in Bikaru village of Kanpur. Vikas Dubey was seriously injured in the encounter. After the encounter of Vikas Dubey, there has been a ruckus and the matter has also reached the Supreme Court, a petition has been sought to be heard today by filing a PIL.

Petitioner advocate Ghanshyam Upadhyay says that he will demand a hearing today. The petition filed yesterday sought to protect Vikas from the encounter. There has also been a demand to register an FIR in the case of demolition of his house, mall, and hand over the investigation of the entire case to the CBI, now it will be interesting to see whether the Supreme Court is hearing today in this case.

SSP Dinesh Kumar says that after overturning the vehicle, Vikas Dubey escaped by snatching the arms of the policemen. He was given a chance to surrender, but Vikas Dubey started firing. He was shot and killed in retaliatory firing. This incident happened 15 kilometers before Kanpur.

Explain that while confirming the encounter of Vikas Dubey, SSP Dinesh Kumar said that as soon as the accident of the vehicle happened, Vikas Dubey ran away by snatching the pistol of the injured policeman. The police asked him to surrender several times, but he started firing. In retaliation, Vikas Dubey was shot in the chest and waist.

Significantly, yesterday, the Ujjain police arrested Vikas Dubey from the Mahakal temple. After eight hours of questioning, UP handed over the STF weapons. On the way, the vehicle overturned and Vikas Dubey tried to run away and was injured in the encounter. Died in hospital.

Akhilesh Yadav tweeted : The car is not overturned, the government has been saved from turning over the secret


KANPUR: Gangster Vikash Dubey was killed in an encounter on Monday, a day after he was arrested, while trying to flee from the custody of Uttar Pradesh police after the Special Task Force (STF) convoy met with an accident on their way back from Madhya Pradesh to Kanpur, confirmed Mohit Agarwal, IG, Kanpur.

Akhilesh tweeted on this incident :

UP gangster Vikas Dubey killed in ‘encounter’ while being taken to Kanpur


Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter on Friday after a police vehicle carrying him from Ujjain to Kanpur met with an accident and he tried to escape from the spot, a senior police official said. 

Inspector General of Police (Kanpur) Mohit Agarwal said Dubey was killed in the encounter after he tried to flee from the spot following the road accident at Barra area in Kanpur.

After the accident, Dubey snatched the rifle of an STF personnel and tried to flee but was surrounded by the police team and he was injured in an exchange of fire. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

The officer confirmed that Dubey “sustained injuries” but did not confirm to what extent, saying it would come in the postmortem report.

COVID-19: WB imposes strict lockdown in 25 containment zones in Kolkata

COVID-19: WB imposes strict lockdown in 25 containment zones in Kolkata
COVID-19: WB imposes strict lockdown in 25 containment zones in Kolkata

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], July 9 (ANI): West Bengal government has imposed lockdown with strict restrictions in 25 containment zones in Kolkata for seven days in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases.

The state government has imposed tougher restrictions which began from Thursday 5 pm.
The situation is being monitored by the state police while they were also seen announcing the lockdown guidelines.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said on Wednesday that the state is planning to declare few places as containment zones.

According to the Union Health Ministry, West Bengal has a total 24,823 COVID-19 cases including 7,705 active cases, 16,291 cured/discharged/migrated patients and 827 fatalities. (ANI)

Team that nabbed Vikas Dubey from Mahakal temple in Ujjain


Most wanted criminal Vikas Dubey has been captured in Ujjain. Vikas Dubey was captured from outside the Mahakal Temple in Ujjain on Thursday morning, seven days after he killed 8 cops in a trap on a police group in Kanpur.

A few of his helpers have been captured while three of close partners have been murdered in discrete experiences. As the pursuit to chase for Vikas Dubey escalated in Uttar Pradesh and neighboring states, UP Police raised the abundance on his head to Rs 5 lakh.

After a day, he was spotted outside the Mahakal sanctuary without trying to hide. As the security staff requested his personality, the feared hoodlum conceded that he is Vikas Dubey.