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Commendable step: Russian company will tell the world its technology to make Corona vaccine

The global epidemic coronavirus has been wreaking havoc in the country and the world for the past several months, 14,531,887 people have been infected with corona worldwide while 606,763 people have died due to this dangerous epidemic. Although now looking forward to getting rid of the corona soon, Russia has claimed to make the corona vaccine, not only that in view of human interest, the Russian company also announced to share its vaccine making technology to the world.

Organization, the Russian company that makes the Corona virus vaccine, has offered to share its technology. This institution has claimed to be the most effective corona vaccine in the world. Alexander Ginsberg, head of Gamalaya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, said – Russian technology is rare. It has been patented. I can say with the claim that it is more effective than western countries. The world will appreciate our immunization scheme. Will borrow from us

The Gemaleya vaccine has already completed clinical trials in two Russia institutions. In addition to Gamalia, the WHO has placed 22 other institutions on its watch list. After completing all three phases of clinical trials, these companies will be allowed to produce vaccines on a large scale.


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